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BYU Spanish Resource Center

El Centro de Recursos de Provo

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Utah State Office of Education and the Ministry of Education of Spain, through the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in the United States, have implemented programs to promote the study of the Spanish language and culture in the state of Utah, and foster knowledge and appreciation of both cultures.
The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain is offering school districts the possibility of taking part in its program of Spanish Visiting Teachers in Utah. That program started in 2000-2001. In 2001-02 the program consolidated and currently in the school year 2021-2022 there are 57 Spanish Visiting Teachers and 1 Language Assistant.
The Ministry of Education guarantees that all candidates are highly qualified and have at least three years of teaching experience. The Utah State Board of Education sponsors the program and the teachers’ J-1 visas. According to Utah laws, the Visiting Teachers are given a three-year International Teaching License with an option to extend it for two more years. All of the teachers have experience in teaching, and some of them have been working for the public schools system in Spain for many years.
Please find more information about the program and the recruiting process in the following links:
Visiting Teachers Program in the USA and Canada: